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Replacing Zendesk’s CSAT with Nicereply, we saw a 20%-30% increase in CSAT response ratings per week.

Pulling last week’s numbers, we had a CSAT response rate of 58%, which is almost unheard of.

Antonio King
Director of Experience at Shinesty
Antonio King
Antonio King
Director of Experience at Shinesty
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Measure customer satisfaction
when it makes sense to you

Envelope with heart

Include surveys in
your responses

Ask customers for feedback via a survey placed at the bottom of your response. You can embed the survey based on your existing Zendesk triggers.

Include a satisfaction survey in your response after closing a ticket, sending a summary, or even in every response you send out.

Mail reply
Pocket multi tool

Place surveys into
your macros

See how satisfied customers are with your canned responses. Place a satisfaction survey in your macro template and see which responses work and which don’t. You can put different surveys into different macros.

Delivery truck

Send post-resolution
email surveys

Don’t want to include surveys in your responses? Send your customers a post-resolution survey in a separate email. You can create multiple different surveys and trigger them based on tags.

This way you can send different surveys for different agents, departments, customer groups, languages, and ticket types. Don’t send everyone the same generic survey when you don’t have to.

Customize your surveys
to fit your needs

Picture frame

Add your logo

Add a logo to your survey, so customers can immediately recognize who’s contacting them.

Color palette

Choose your color scheme

Match your survey’s design to your brand for a more coherent experience.


Change the survey question

Ask your customers a question that makes sense in a given situation.

Choose your rating scale

Decide how many options will your customers have to answer. You can choose from:

  • 2 Thumb icons
  • 3 Face emojis
  • 5 Stars
  • 10 Stars

Add additional questions

Need more feedback? Ask multiple questions. For example "Was the solution helpful?" and "How satisfied were you with John’s response?" to look at the issue from different points of view.

Control the timing of your surveys

If you are sending a separate survey email, decide how long after resolution would you like to send it. You can survey immediately, after an hour, or the day after. It's up to you.

Protect your customers against over surveying

Don’t overwhelm your customers with survey emails. Choose after how many days can a customer receive another survey email.

Send different surveys in different situations

Fit your survey to different situations. Did your customer contact about a specific product? Ask about that product specifically in the survey. Did they reach out to you from a different country? Send them a survey in their language.
You can trigger different survey for:

  • Groups
  • Languages
  • Departments
  • Ticket types
Trigger settings

Additional features


See and compare the performance of different agents, teams, and departments.

Advanced analytics

Drill down for more insights with analytics featuring leaderboards, histograms, trend charts, and more.

Ticket backlink

Identify feedback in context with a direct link to the rated ticket.

Survey results management

We all make mistakes. Sometimes you get bad feedback by mistake. Sometimes you get hit by spambots. Nicereply allows you to edit and delete ratings to solve these problems.

Agents sync

Sync all your Zendesk users to Nicereply with one click. New users added afterward will receive an automated email with login instructions.

Customers sync

Customers often don’t share their names in feedback forms. Nicereply will automatically add customer names based on the ticket ID.

Send automated emails based on survey results

Setting automation rules based on the feedback you receive makes it easy to follow up with satisfied or dissatisfied customers this way.

Responses instantly pushed to Slack or Teams channel

See customer feedback as soon as it arrives in your Slack or Microsoft Teams.

Measure metrics
you care about

See survey responses in Zendesk

Works with Zendesk Support, Chat, Guide and Talk. Measure customer satisfaction across your Zendesk suite with any Zendesk plan. You don't need a Professional or Enterprise plan to use Nicereply.

Checklist icon

Survey response in the existing ticket

Unlike other solutions, Nicereply doesn’t create a new ticket every time a customer gives you feedback. Instead you can see it in the same tickets as a note and a tag.

Dashboard icon

Zendesk sidebar widget

See your company's ratings, dashboards, the total number of ratings, and average scores directly in a Zendesk sidebar widget..

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