Why choose Nicereply?

Nicereply is built for customer service.

Our customer satisfaction survey software is built for customer support teams. Nicereply allows you to incorporate satisfaction surveys directly into your helpdesk conversations.

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Having mid-conversation CSAT allowed my team to gauge the customer's response before their interaction was complete, and allowed for us to adjust course if necessary to make that customer happy.

Instead of making up for a bad experience after it had happened, we were allowed to correct that experience while the conversation was in progress.
James Stillian
Customer Service Manager at Man Crates
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Don't do this

Don't separate satisfaction surveys from your helpdesk workflow. With Nicereply you'll never have to leave your helpdesk system to distribute your surveys.


Help desk ticket

Import your customers contact info from your help desk into Delighted account.


Delighted app

Manually select customers every time you want to send a survey.



Collect feedback through a one time survey.



In case of response, new ticket with rating value and comment is created for each response.


New ticket

Not linked with original ticket
Dont Tablet Dont Mobil

  • Constant tool switching
  • Feedback without context to the specific conversation/ticket
  • Multiple disconnected tickets
  • Only one chance for customer to rate the experience

Dothis ico

Do this instead

Incorporate satisfaction surveys directly in your customer support. With Nicereply, satisfaction surveys are part of your existing conversations and don't create extra tickets. Get real-time feedback and identify opporunities for improvement.


Help desk ticket

Every ticket contains all the feedback related to it. Never lose context of your feedback again.


Feedback via e-mail signature

Collect feedback from customers via email signature survey included in every conversation. Get feedback that is both immediate and more accurate.


After-resolution survey

Follow up with customers after you solve their ticket via after-resolution survey. Use this chance to get a new perspective with a different metric, like CES or NPS. Get more feedback while sending less emails.

  • Customer has a chance to rate an agent after each interaction
  • Never lose context of your feedback again.
  • No extra tickets
  • Combine CSAT, CES and NPS with various distribution options to get more feedback
  • Never leave your helpdesk again

See the crucial information and take immediate action

Go to ticket

With Nicereply you can identify feedback in context with the direct link to the rated ticket.


All ratings and comments are pushed to the rated ticket in the form of a note. No extra tickets are created.

For Agent

You can also immediately identify which agent is handling the rated ticket, which customer rated the ticket or which campaign does the rating belong to.

See who is the best

Recognize your best support teams and agents with leaderboards.

Agents and teams are ranked by a complex index based not only on average rating scores, but also on the number of collected ratings.

Pos. Name Average Ratings
1. John Vance 9.93 1 370
2. Cyrilla Warner 9.63 678
3. Deniece Johnson 8.86 820
4. Creigh Sherman 8.77 202
5. Lyda Moore 8.50 308

Spend less with Nicereply

Don't overpay for unanswered surveys. With Nicereply you only pay for real results - survey responses. No limits. Enjoy all the features with any plan.

Survey volume 2,500 10,000
Nicereply 79 $ / mo. 159 $ / mo.
Delighted 89 $ / mo. 224 $ / mo.
Difference 120 $ / y. 780 $ / y.
Save up to 780 $ per year

Enjoy all features with any plan.


All integrations available from cheapest plan.

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